What does Ultramar do?

Ultramar delivers high-quality fuel, propane*, lubricants, and equipment to a growing number of businesses of all sizes - whether you’re in the transport, construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, commercial real estate, fishery, or other industries.

Ultramar delivers to businesses of every size - locally, rurally and remotely - throughout Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada).

* Propane is available in select locations in Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

What is Ultramar’s relationship to Parkland Corporation?

In 2017, Parkland Corporation acquired all Ultramar branded commercial cardlock locations, services for business and services for home in Canada. The Ultramar brand name is a registered trademark of Valero Energy Inc., and is used under licence by Parkland Corporation.

Why choose Ultramar for your business?

Ultramar is committed to being your fuel supplier. We offer:

  • Reliable Delivery and Equipment Options
  • Dedicated Account Representatives
  • Flexible and Customizable Solutions
  • Focus on Safety
  • Supply Security
  • Robust Cardlock Network Across Eastern Canada (Includes Online Card Management)
  • Committed to Customer Care
  • Save Time with Onsite Refuelling**
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
What kinds of bulk diesel are available?

Ultramar offers two kinds of bulk diesel fuel:

  • Ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel - the standard highway diesel fuel of choice
  • Dyed diesel fuel - designed exclusively for off-road use

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Why choose bulk propane and how do I sign up?

Bulk propane for your business / industry offers: 

  • Reliable
  • Easy to transport
  • Safe/non-toxic
  • Burns cleaner
  • Improved performance
  • Personalized service

Note: Propane delivery is available at select locations

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What kind of lubricants does Ultramar carry?

Ultramar carries high-performance Shell Lubricants products, including:

  • Commercial and industrial lubricants
  • Transport (heavy-duty engine oils)
  • Aviation and marine lubricants
  • Automotive (passenger car motor oils)

We also carry DEF (diesel exhaust fluid).

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What are the benefits of purchasing bulk fuel?

Control costs, less paperwork, greater efficiency… Fuel your fleet and equipment between shifts and you’ll avoid interruptions that waste time.

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What are Ultramar’s fuel quality standards?

Our fuel meets strict quality standards as required by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB). We also comply with low temperature flow pour point and cloud point specifications, particularly in much colder climates in Eastern Canada where wintertime conditions can be extreme.

What is cardlock and how do I sign up?

The Pipeline cardlock network is a system of self-serve fuel pumps conveniently located across Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada).

Available 24/7, they are easy to use and save time by dispensing diesel 10x faster than standard retail pumps.

Your cardlock card is valid at every Pipeline cardlock network location. For even greater convenience, we also have an additional Ultramar cardlock network.

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What should I do if my cardlock card is lost or stolen?

To report a missing card, you can:

Where can I review my delivered fuel invoices and fuel consumption?

You can review all your delivered fuel invoices and usage history in Client Space. This online access is available 24/7 and allows you to manage all your accounts in one convenient place.

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How do I sign up for eBilling?

If you already have an account, log in to your Client Space and update your eBilling preferences.

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Are there discounts or rebates available?

Depending on your industry or circumstances, Ultramar customers may qualify for discounts or rebates such as:

Why choose onsite refuelling?

Keep your job running without the need for detours to an offsite refuelling station. We’ll deliver the fuel you need directly to your tanks, equipment and fleet. Schedule refills during breaks or between shifts.

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**Note: Onsite refuelling is available in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Greater Montreal area and select locations in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador.

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™ Ultramar is a registered trademark of Valero Energy Inc.,
used under license by Parkland Corporation

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