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Remotely Monitor your Oil or Propane tank

Nee-Vo tank monitors by Otodata offer real time tank level monitoring that is:

  • Affordable
  • Accurate
  • Award-winning

PLUS! Get a free App for your smart phone!


A tank level monitor that provides precise and extremely reliable tank-level data.

NeeVo Tank Monitor & App

For your home

Get instant notifications of low fuel or high usage direct to your smartphone.

By monitoring the amount of fuel in the tank, we can plan your deliveries with greater, real time, accuracy which will help us provide a better customer experience for you.

  • Now you can view the level of your tank anytime, anywhere
  • Track tank levels in real-time
  • Customize level alerts
  • Consult usage history

Already have a tank monitor?

You can install the Nee-Vo Otodata app on your smart phone.


Your unique 9-digit alpha numeric activation code can be found written on a sticker on the side of your Nee-Vo tank monitor. It will be written in the format XXX-XXX-XXX but you will need to enter this code on the mobile app without the two dashes.


Download and install the Nee-Vo app. Open the app store or Google Play and search for Nee-Vo.


Register your new monitor by selecting the plus (+) bottom right corner of your screen and enter your activation code.

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