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Top 1o reasons to make the switch

Energy-efficient propane has become the “fuel of choice” for savvy homeowners and renters. Compared to oil and electric energy sources, propane offers you:

1. A cleaner, safer alternative

Propane is a safe, clean and non-toxic fuel alternative listed in the Clean Air Act and Energy Policy Act. With tight controls placed on pumps to eliminate any risk of overfill, propane is safer to store and transfer than any other fossil fuel. Studies have also found that propane appliances emit 52% lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions than electric water heaters.

2. More everyday uses

Propane is perhaps best known as a fuel of choice for BBQ tanks, but it’s far more versatile than that! Did you know that propane can also power your home’s heat pump, furnace/boiler, water heater, space heaters, fireplace, gas range, refrigerator, clothes dryer, pool heater, generator, and more?

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3. A lower-cost option

It could cost up to twice as much to operate your stove, water heater, dryer, or furnace with electricity compared to propane gas. In fact, using propane water heaters can save you up to $200 annually and heat your water 2.5 times what electric heaters can - all without increasing the amount of energy you use.

4. Improved performance

Propane contains more energy per cubic metre than natural gas. For home heating, this provides a more consistent and even distribution of air temperature supply.

5. Longer life span of equipment

Propane gas furnaces and heaters last longer - up to 20 years on average - compared to 14 years for electric heating pumps. A longer life cycle for equipment means less waste in landfills.

6. Reduced energy usage and maintenance

In addition, propane boilers can cut energy usage by up to one third. Newer boiler models require less frequent maintenance than gas boilers.

7. A smaller footprint

Propane equipment often requires less physical space than traditional energy sources, taking up a smaller amount of room in your home.

8. Power outage? Propane to the rescue!

No need to worry if the power goes out. Propane doesn’t rely on electricity and will continue to run your lighting, furnace and appliances during power outages.

9. Local propane equipment and services

Ultramar offers a wide range of high-quality home heating propane products - from furnaces and boilers to water heaters and other equipment.

10. Easy installation and delivery

We’ll come to your home and provide everything you need, including:

  • Installation
  • Regular maintenance/service
  • Free in-home energy assessments
  • Automatic delivery
  • Conversions from other energy sources to propane
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