Adopt for your business an efficient and practical heating system by opting for propane. In addition to being functional during power outages, it will heat your space in just a few moments. Call our qualified technicians to ensure safe and proper installation.

Difference Between a Sealed and Unsealed Furnace:

STANDARD FURNACE (NOT SEALED):Takes its combustion air from the room directly. This device is used in all types of standard applications (warehouse, mechanical garage, etc.)

SEALED FURNACE: Takes its combustion air to the outside with a conduit of instinct. This type of appliance is used to protect the exchanger when the environment in which the appliance is located is damp, dusty or if the location has negative pressure problems ... etc.



G. Mitchell

Modine Manufacturing Company was founded in 1916 on the vision of Arthur B. Modine for excellence and innovation in thermal management technology. Decade by decade, Modine evolved from this solid foundation.

Here is a letter from our regional representative of G.Mitchell. Working closely with us for several years now, we strive to give the best possible service to customers.


The ideal energy source to reduce your costs

It’s a well-known fact that hot water is one of the biggest energy expense for Quebec households. Propane Nord-Ouest offers a whole range of solutions to reduce your costs month after month. 

Whether you are looking for a tankless instant water heater, a wall-mounted direct vent water heater, a heated towel rack or any other device or accessory to make your daily life a little easier, we have the solution you need!


Water heater with tank Giant

Giant manufactures premium quality products out of the best available Canadian made raw materials. All products are "Built to last longer" which has been Giant's motto and corporate philosophy since its founding over 60 years ago.

Characteristics of a tank water heater:


Mining ventilation systems must be equipped with a robust heating system capable of functioning in a durable manner under harsh conditions. As each ventilation system is different, each project requires a customized heating solution. Whether for a small or a large project, our experts will be able to advise you and guide you in your steps.

We have all types of storage tanks and vaporisers that can feed mining burners, surface vessels and process burners. Propane provides economical energy that eliminates the risk of accidental spills into the environment!



Propane Nord-Ouest is specialize in the conception, realisation and engineering support for heating fueling ventilation of underground mines. We offer turnkey energy park and a continuous maintenance program and ensure the supply of propane for the territory of Quebec.

We have all types of storage tanks and sprays that can power mine burners, surface buildings and process burners. Propane provides economical energy that eliminates the risk of accidental spills into the environment!


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